Are you spamming Facebook and Twitter?

Are you spamming by mistake on Facebook and Twitter? Sometimes in the race to automate we spam. Let's stop that!

Spam. We all hate it. And yet you might be spamming without even realising it. Isn’t that embarrassing.

I’m not talking about when people send spam emails, or put really salesy posts on Twitter and Facebook, annoying though those things are.

No I’m talking when you are on Facebook or Twitter and see exactly the same post from someone back to back. Word for word. Not an iota of difference!

So how does this happen and how do you stop doing this?

First of all, let me make it clear I don’t mean you see the same message on Twitter and then on Facebook.

If you follow someone on both, then that will happen. It’s your choice!

What I mean is when on one platform you see multiple copies of the same message within seconds of each other. Not good.

This issue arises because in our desire to automate things (and who doesn’t look for ways to save time) we forget what we’ve set up already or don’t take a moment to work out what processes we have already.

If you have a Facebook page for your business then it’s really easy to link it to your Twitter account to so when you post to your Facebook page the post automatically gets sent to you Twitter page. To do this all you need to do is go to  This will list your Facebook pages i.e. pages where you are an admin. You just pick the page, click the button and then authorise your Twitter account.

linking facebook to twitter

The final stage of linking Facebook to Twitter

From now on, whenever you post on your Facebook page, it will go to Twitter. Yippee. One message in two places. Time saved! More people reached! This is something that I set up on the Facebook page for a charity I’m involved with as it makes it easy for all the charity admin to get our messages on Twitter as well as Facebook.

But say you like to spend more time on Twitter. Wouldn’t it be great if  all your Tweets and Retweets from your Twitter account went straight to your Facebook Page! And again this is so easy to do. There’s a brilliant, straight forward guide here –  Using Twitter with Facebook (make sure you follow the right bit for connecting to your page if you don’t want everything on your personal Facebook account)

Now suppose you’ve taken another step into automating and streamlining your work flow and are using something like Hootsuite . Such an easy way to blast messages to more than one place at the click of a button.

But what happens if you’ve already set up Facebook to send to Twitter (or Twitter to send to Facebook)  and then send a message using to Hootsuite to simultaneously go to both of them?

how many messages are you really sending?

How many copies of the same message are people getting?

That’s right. Either Facebook or Twitter will get the message you sent directly to it using Hootsuite and then (pretty much straight away) get the message that originally went to the other service. Is that what you want? I’m all in favour of repeating messages – after all, you can’t rely on people being online at the same time your sending a message – but I do think that back to back identical messages aren’t the best idea.

Stop Spamming

Please stop. I’m asking nicely.

At the end of reading this, ask yourself these questions.

  • How to I like to send out my social messages these days? (Things might have changed since you set all your accounts up)
  • If you’re using Hootsuite or similar, are your social media accounts set up to send to each other?
  • Do you need to unlink your accounts?

Unlinking Facebook from Twitter

Three simple steps

  1. Log into Facebook
  2. Go to
  3. Unlink Twitter from Facebook


Unlinking Twitter from Facebook

Four simple steps

  1. Login to  Twitter
  2. Choose “Settings” from the Profile and click “Profile.”
  3. Uncheck the “My Facebook Profile” and/or “My Facebook Page” options underneath the “Allow Twitter to post to the wall of:”
  4. Click the “Save Changes” button. Tweets will now not appear on your Facebook profile/page.

So are you a spammer? Or do you follow a spammer?


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