Fairy, Godmother

GDPR – More From Robyn Banks

Here we are again with GDPR. Every time I think we’ve turned the corner, there are some more questions. So I got back in touch with our GDPR fairy godmother Robyn Banks and she again kindly answered. (You might want to read GDPR – Busting some misconceptions first)   Common Sense seems to be evaporating due to […]

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The GDPR Spiral of misunderstanding

GDPR – Busting some misconceptions

GDPR  or GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION – I didn’t want to write about GDPR but there comes a point when you’ve read so much rubbish that there’s no way to avoid doing so! I’ve had people contacting me asking if they have to re-consent their mailing lists, both digital and good ol’ fashion paper and […]

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mailchimp - use double opt in

Mailchimp Opt-In settings – Check yours now.

Did you read the email from Mailchimp about the changes to its Opt-In settings? I have to admit that I initially missed this all important email from Mailchimp; good job I went back through all the newsletters from them and read how things are going to change. Instead of having a default of double opt-in, […]

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How to get on the front page of Google

…..And the lies SEO “experts” tell Have you ever received an email via your website contact form like the one below? We’d all like to be on the first page of Google. And here’s someone saying they can put me there! So why should you trash these emails and ignore anyone who guarantees that they […]

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Crystal, Ball

How well do you know your customers? Stand out from the crowd

The importance of excellent customer service was instilled in me as teenager. I got a job in a local cafe that was owned by an Italian couple. Guido and Anna Forte were, they often told people,  somehow related the Rocco Forte of the hotel empire. (Quite how distant the connection was they never disclosed, but related […]

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get verified on facebook

How to verify your Facebook page. Get your posts seen

Did you know you can verify your Facebook page? And did you know that verifying your Facebook page helps to get your posts in front more people? Sounds like a good thing to do and it’s not that difficult at all! How to verify your Facebook page Log in to your Facebook account and go […]

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How do you land a rocket on the moon?

Have you ever thought how you work out how to launch a rocket and land on the moon? It’s a big question. There are some really clever people at places like NASA that know how to do this. I was posed this question many years ago by an Economics’s professor and the whole class was […]

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running fast

Have you checked the size of your Facebook Cover Image?

The speed of light is 299 792 458 m/s and sometimes that how fast it feels things change online. Facebook is no stranger to change and it was completely by accident that I discovered it’s changed the size need for a cover image  and also how things display on mobile devices. (And for those of you who already knew […]

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Be a star and deliver exceptional customer service

The Importance of Good Customer Service

I really appreciate good customer service, be it face to face, on the phone or via email/letter. And I really notice when it’s bad, especially when it’s on the phone. That’s probably because I used to be team leader in an insurance call centre and know how to deliver exceptional customer service. Often its the […]

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<a href="">Peggy_Marco</a> / Pixabay

How to add your blog to your Mailchimp newsletter

If you write a blog, you want as many people as possible to read it. As well as sending it to all your social media, why not send it to your mailchimp newsletter subscribers. This tutorial will explain how to do this if you use Mailchimp. There are of course, other newsletter platforms  – this […]

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Upgrading Pains

This is just a very short note to say, that even I, The IT Fairy, sometimes feel the pain of an upgrade. Some of you may find it hard to believe but it’s true. I’ve just (finally) updated the version of Office I use. (I won’t say how old my previous version was!) And I’m […]

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