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Do you give good phone?

Those of us of a certain age will remember BT’s “It’s good to talk” adverts. And in business, the telephone it great tool. But it’s one that’s becoming more and more poorly used as people hide behind email and focus everything on social media, because that’s the BIG thing. So I’m going to tell you […]

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Is it difficult?

How tricky can it be?

This is a re-post  with a bit of a re-write of an article I wrote a few year back for another website. That project no longer exists but the message from the article is still relevant. On Twitter (do you follow me on there, if not why? Follow me now!) one of the people I […]

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Flying twitter bird

Are you making this common mistake on Twitter?

If you know me, then you’ll know how much I love social media. I am such a fan. But I see people make the same mistake again and again and it means that what they are saying won’t be going to their audience. And that’s a shame really isn’t it. What is this common mistake […]

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The IT Fairy website on a mobile device

Mobile Friendly Websites – Beware the email spam

I’ve spoken many times on why you should ignore an unsolicited email that says the sender has noticed something about your website and that they can fix it for a fee. A really common one is that they have noticed your site isn’t ranking highly on Google…..Google even gets sent this email so that tells […]

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lego photographer

Why you need a professional photographer

It’s a well used saying but a picture really is worth a thousand words. Of course, you want those words to be good words and that’s where good photography comes into play. These days that we all have a reasonable camera on our phones and a decent digital SLR camera isn’t going to break the […]

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unsubscribing from mailchimp

Don’t Add Me To Your Mailing List!

I do a bit of networkings – well you have to if you are selling Business to Business – and as a result I give my business card to people. It’s a lovely card, even if I do say so myself, and of course it’s great that people want to have a way to get […]

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keyboard chained

How did the US military’s twitter account get hacked?

In case you missed it, the US military had a little problem with their Twitter and Youtube accounts. You can read more about what happened here but basically group claiming to back Islamic State took over their accounts and posted a load of things that I imagine the US military weren’t to happy about. The US military […]

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Why you need a professional web designer

When I first began designing websites, it was something you could only do if you knew a lot of code. It wasn’t something everyone could do – well maybe if they took the time to learn, but it wasn’t something most people wanted to do. Today, there are ways that are far easier. We live […]

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business card with a question mark on it

What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

I’ve just spent my morning sorting out my desk. I’ve dealt with a load of paper work and taken all the business cards I had stacked up and put the details in Outlook. I even dropped a quick line to people I was keen to keep in touch with.   As I was entering the […]

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pig with a board

Build it and they will come?

In “Field of Dreams” farmer Ray Kinsella played by Kevin Costner hears a voice in his corn field tell him, “If you build it, he will come.” He takes this as an instruction to build a baseball field on his farm. For a long time no one comes but eventually (and not to give the […]

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