Who's that on the phone? Can you trust them?

Warning –The Slow Computer Scam

After time it’s all too easy for your computer to start to feel a bit sluggish. We’ve all sat there wishing things were going faster. And because of this, those lovely scam artists have devised a way to utilise our annoyances to get money out of people. It all starts with a phone call from […]

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Why good photography is important for your website

Do you sell a product on your website? Good then this is the blog for you! I was looking for some paper flower bouquets to send to friend.  So I hit Google and starting looking around. I found lots of sites but didn’t end up buying anything, even though I had a credit card waiting. […]

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Scheduling Posts in Facebook

Did you know you can schedule Facebook posts directly from Facebook? (Yes I know you can that by using applications like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck etc but it’s nice to have options and you know exactly what your post will look like if you do it directly in Facebook) NB this works if you have a Facebook […]

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Your Elevator Pitch – Don’t talk for too long

Having a good elevator pitch  is an essential skill when networking. Most networking groups will have a point in the meeting when you get to stand up and talk about yourself from somewhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes – the time it takes to ride from the ground floor to the top floor in […]

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man wiith megaphone

No *insert big sporting event* Fever here!

There’s something big happening and businesses around the world are conjuring up blog headlines and articles that have some link to it, no matter how tenuous.  Is this a good idea?  Topical articles can be good but only if they are  relevant. And by relevant I mean “closely connected or appropriate to the matter in hand” […]

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How long should it be? Social media numbers made easy

I recently read a brilliant article on Buffer that looks at the ideal length of all your social media. I encourage you read it as it doesn’t just pluck numbers out of thin air – Buffer author Kevan Les has  looked at lots of research and explains what’s going on. But if you just want the […]

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