Say No To Weekend Email

Email. There’s no escape from it is there! The chances are if you are reading this, then you either work for yourself or in a small business. Or you work for a bigger company and have emails coming at you from all angles. But whatever your situation, you are here because you have had enough […]

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Thinking of a Twitter name?

Twitter – What’s your name?

Twitter names. How long did you think about yours? And did you pick a good one? I’m lucky. I have an unusual surname (well in the UK anyway) and when I started in business I decided to use my own name. So on Twitter I’m @clarelauwerys (When I developed The IT Fairy as my “brand” […]

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head brickwall

Don’t buy an email list

Email – It’s no secret that both businesses and individuals are slowing drowning in the daily deluge. I’m fighting back against this in a number of ways (and will be writing about them in other articles) but today I want to look at just one things that all businesses can do. And that’s not buying […]

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business card

Nothing says you don’t care about your business than….

So there are lots of things that SCREAM you don’t care about your business. You probably have your own list of things that make your toes curl and set alarm bells ringing. One of my personal bugbears is to do with email. And no it’s not unsolicited emails (though that does annoy me and I […]

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Are you spamming Facebook and Twitter?

Are you spamming by mistake on Facebook and Twitter?

Spam. We all hate it. And yet you might be spamming without even realising it. Isn’t that embarrassing. I’m not talking about when people send spam emails, or put really salesy posts on Twitter and Facebook, annoying though those things are. No I’m talking when you are on Facebook or Twitter and see exactly the […]

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has windows 10 been downloaded?

Windows 10 – have you go it yet?

I haven’t got Windows 10 yet. I’ll repeat that in case you didn’t get it the first time. I don’t have Windows 10 yet. I’m still using Windows 7. And that surprises many people as they know how much I love my tech. But it’s precisely because I love my tech that I haven’t. When […]

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Don’t let Dropbox drop something nasty into your computer

First of all, let me start by saying I have nothing against Dropbox. As a tool for sharing files with clients and colleagues or for backing up files, I love it. It’s easy and intuitive to use and makes many aspects of my work much easier. But I just wanted to tell you of how […]

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All about newsletters

Have I Got News For You?

What do you think of newsletters? Do you like receiving them? Do you like writing them? Are they worth the time? I love a good newsletter but hate the bad ones. The bad ones fall into two categories The ones I didn’t sign up for. Just because we met at a networking events does not […]

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Do you give good phone?

Those of us of a certain age will remember BT’s “It’s good to talk” adverts. And in business, the telephone it great tool. But it’s one that’s becoming more and more poorly used as people hide behind email and focus everything on social media, because that’s the BIG thing. So I’m going to tell you […]

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Staying Safe – How to create good passwords that you can remember

When I’m out networking I have lots of different conversations about all sorts of IT issue. One that often comes up is that of passwords. I once met someone who stored over 200 login names and passwords in an Excel spreadsheet  – And the spreadsheet wasn’t password protected! So if her computer was ever stolen […]

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Is it difficult?

How tricky can it be?

This is a re-post  with a bit of a re-write of an article I wrote a few year back for another website. That project no longer exists but the message from the article is still relevant. On Twitter (do you follow me on there, if not why? Follow me now!) one of the people I […]

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