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What’s Not To Like

Why I don’t Like Ladders Like Ladders – they seem to be the in thing at the moment. And I don’t like them! I suppose I should quickly explain what a Like Ladder is. Briefly, the admin of a group on Facebook will announce on the group’s Facebook page that they are running a like […]

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Get Your Website Loved – Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Get Your Website Loved

Everyone wants to have a website that is loved.  One that people come back to and more importantly generates you income, whether that’s buying a product from it or the website convincing them that you and your company are the people they want to buy a service from. And of course you want Google to […]

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attempts to crack a password

Why passwords need to be secure and why Admin is bad name

You are probably tired of us techie people banging on about having a safe and secure password, saying well who wants to hack into my sites and anyway my password is really tough to guess. Well firstly, saying it’s tough to guess is no guarantee that it actually is. I once “cracked” someone’s PC’s password  with nothing […]

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Who owns your website?

Seems like a daft question doesn’t it? It’s your business so you own your website don’t you. Or do you? In my work I all too often come across cases where business think they own they domain name but in actual fact THEY DON’T. So why is this important, how can you check if you […]

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Twitter – Yes it can bring you new clients

I recently wrote about how I used Twitter to find travel insurance to illustrate how businesses can use twitter to find new clients. But still people tell me that twitter doesn’t bring them any new clients.  Well let me see if giving you another example of how one business used Twitter to promote their business […]

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Photo tips

Here are some quick photo tips if you’re sending some off to go on a website, in a newsletter, in a magazine etc Check with the person you sending them what format, size etc they want them Send them as attachement, not inside a Word document, PDF etc Name them something useful that makes it […]

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I want to travel and I used social media to help me find insurance

Social Media – Good for Business!

Businesses often say that there is no value in social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube etc, that it doesn’t bring them any benefit or income and it’s just a waste of time. I disagree and I will show why with a real life example. I was looking for travel insurance. It’s somewhat […]

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Why I love networking

I confess, I love networking and talking to a friend I realise I’ve been getting jobs via networking for a very long time. The first job I ever got from “networking” was a saturday job in cafe when I was doing my O levels (O levels – ooh that dates me!) A friend worked behind […]

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Why I’m supporting Cassie’s Law

Cassie was a teenage student  on her way to college when a car mounted the pavement and killed her. This happened in Colchester, Essex ,a town that has been home to me ever since I moved here to go to university many many year ago. The accident was reported on local radio the morning it […]

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radiodownloader screenshot 2

How to keep your moment of fame

If you get good at your marketing, it’s just possible you’ll end up getting some press coverage. Now newspaper and magazine articles are easy to save but suppose you end up on the radio. How are you going to keep a copy of that? You could ask the radio station for a copy of the […]

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