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Make sure your tweets are seen

This is just a quick twitter tip to make sure people see what you are tweeting! It’s very tempting when you want to mention someone in a tweet or if you want to make sure they know the tweet has something in it for them to start the tweet with their name. You rush to […]

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Slam the Spam – part 1

We all know what spam is – but how do you stop it? Answer – we make it difficult for the spammers. In this article I will be looking at that the spam that turns up on your website. I think we’ll all agree that having carefully written a blog it’s annoying to find the […]

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Sticky Notes

How to remember to do things!

Yesterday at The Business Woman’s Network we had a great talk from the fabulous Steve Clarke . Notes had been taken and everyone was buzzing with ideas. But as I spoke with women afterwards and gave them some ideas on blogging,  a common theme arose – “How I am going to remember to do these […]

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The Grim Reaper

Facebook is dead!

Well that’s the impression some media commentators have given with the announcement of Google+ But really? Can you see that happening? Can you see Facebook giving up its dominant position without a fight? I don’t think so! Let’s look at the facts. Facebook is so widely known and used that the word Facebook is now […]

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