Don’t let Dropbox drop something nasty into your computer How someone tried to send me a virus using Dropbox

First of all, let me start by saying I have nothing against Dropbox. As a tool for sharing files with clients and colleagues or for backing up files, I love it. It’s easy and intuitive to use and makes many aspects of my work much easier.

But I just wanted to tell you of how it can be used to transmit a virus to you.  In my time, I’ve seen lots of ways of people trying to get nasty things but this was a new delivery method on me. Hence the share. It works the same way many do – by looking like something or someone you trust.

So first of all, this turned up in my inbox

dropbox screenshot 1

What’s this from Dropbox




Now I know lots of people, but Laurie Padilla isn’t a name that rings a bell. Not even a little tinkle! Although it does start an alarm bell!

Next when I see the email I can see that they sent it to a pretty strange address:

dropbox Screenshot 2

Who have they sent it to?

Sherlock Holmes

Be Suspicious


So I have an email from someone I don’t know, to someone I’m not, with a PDF on a topic that means nothing to me?

So, dear reader, did I click to download? If you’re having to think about the answer, we need to talk!

Be suspicious people! If you don’t recognise it, don’t open it. If you were’t expecting it and it looks strange, don’t open it! You can always phone the person if it’s someone you know and say “Hey what’s this file you’ve sent!” (Or your own words – your choice!)

It takes a few minutes to check. It takes a whole lot longer to remove viruses etc. Stay safe!

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