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Have you checked the size of your Facebook Cover Image? It might not look how you want it to!

The speed of light is 299 792 458 m/s and sometimes that how fast it feels things change online. Facebook is no stranger to change and it was completely by accident that I discovered it’s changed the size need for a cover image  and also how things display on mobile devices. (And for those of you who already knew this, well done you!)

So let’s look at what’s changed and what you need to do.

Now to be 100% honest I can’t exactly recall how my page ( looked before the change but I know it looked better than these images!

how my cover image looks before I changed it to the new format

How my cover image looks on my laptop


How does my page look on my phone

And how it looks on my phone


So what do we notice?

Clearly on my phone a bit of my name and tag line are cut off. And on the laptop view there a big chunk of white on the left side. And I know why this is. In the “old” days,  your page’s profile image used to be in that space, whereas now its over on the left on the laptop one and underneath on the phone/mobile view.

Also call to action buttons have moved, getting rid of the need to leave space at the bottom of the image. And if I’m not mistaken, Facebook used to overlay a grey transparency at the bottom, which looked really ugly on a white image.

The more observant of you will also have seen that what looks like a Twitter handle showing too. Now this really stumped me as I was working on someone else’s page and it was the wrong Twitter name. I hadn’t touched it and neither had she. Where had it come from? And why?

A bit of searching revealed that it’s not a Twitter handle at all but plenty of people are puzzled.

It is, to use Facebook’s words, something to make it easy for people to find you page or search in messenger more easily.  It’s your page name with an @ at the start.

So nothing to do with Twitter!

You can change it, but only if you change you page name but if people already know you and you’ve got links to your Facebook page scattered over the Interwebs then that seems pointless.

If it matches your actual Twitter handle then you’ve lucked out, if not then don’t loose any sleep over it.

First of all, I’m going to change my profile image a little bit. This is just because Facebook makes it a square picture and my original one wasn’t and the slight cuff of at the sides is bugging my. So using photoshop I’ve add some white around the top and bottom it’s a square image to start with. It just makes (to my fussy eye) look better.

Now I’ve done a bit of searching to find a template to use so everything is in the right place. And I’m going to send you to TwelveSkip so you can get the one I used.

I’ve rearranged where I put my text and image and have also put a faded border on it.

I’ve put the image and text in the centre so they can be seen on a mobile device. I added the border so on a desktop screen there’s not such an expanse of white. But that’s because I want my logo there (for the time being) If you’ve got a really great image that that fits all the way across then you might not have to do much. It all depends if you want to make sure a particular bit of your image is visible in mobile views.

So what does my page and cover image look like now?

How my cover image looks now

After some playing in photoshop


how my cover image looks on a mobile device

And on my phone


So when did you last look at your page? And on a mobile device….bet it’s been a while.


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