How to get on the front page of Google

…..And the lies SEO “experts” tell

Have you ever received an email via your website contact form like the one below?


Sounds like a plan. But can they really do it?

We’d all like to be on the first page of Google.

And here’s someone saying they can put me there! So why should you trash these emails and ignore anyone who guarantees that they can put you there?

It’s something that makes me quite cross. It’s a false promise and the only person who is guaranteed anything is the person taking your money.

Here’s why.

Google (yes the very company they are promising you will be on the front page of) say that:

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

Now I’m going to repeat that just in case you missed it the first time!

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. 

And if you read their own article on the matter you can see that I’m not making that up! Google and SEO

And even if you don’t read that, think about this way.

Suppose I’m an SEO business and promise to get “The Happy Smile Dentist” at the top of Google. And let’s say I do. Then that would mean I could never offer my SEO services to another dentist….

Or suppose I promise to get “The Happy Smile Dentist” at the top of Google. And let’s say SuperSEO, my rival, promises “Flossy Lady Dentists” the same thing. One of us is lying. At least one of us…..


Let’s take a whistle stop tour of some of SEO lies that you need to recognise and run away from.


  1. Guaranteed Rankings

    NO NO NO. Did you read the previous part of this article?
  2. They have a special relationship with Google
    Any SEO firm that says this simply lying to you.  No company has a special relationship. I once had a delightful conversation with a representative from a large business that made this claim – they happened to call when I was at a client’s office. I think they probably regretted calling by the end.
  3. Offering free trial services
    Good SEO take time. It’s not an overnight thing. To get good results takes days. I don’t work for free – do you?
    File this one under  “pay peanuts and get monkeys”
    Also, if as part of the free trial they need login details for your website –  just think of the damage they could so. Just say no!
  4. They offer to submit your website to thousands of search engines
    Tell me. Do you use thousands of search engines? Thought not! Let’s move on
  5. We work with someone at Google
    No they don’t.
    I’ve got a friend who works for Google. He’s not going to risk his career. Do you think anyone would?
    Google is smart!
  6.  We know the Google Algorithm
    No they don’t.
    It’s extremely complex  and it changes.
    People may know about certain aspects (content, headings, meta tags, etc) but how they all come together is kept a secret.
  7. Secret SEO strategies
    Well this sounds exciting doesn’t it. You’ve found the firm, the only one, that has the secret. Wow!I think we’ve got the point in our journey together where you can form your own conclusion on this one!

    lies and truth

    True or false – what’s what when it comes to SEO


So what can you to to IMPROVE you page ranking, because that’s the most anyone can do.
Well Google have produced two documents:

This is the short one page one

And this is the longer, 32 page one.

If you read the one or both and it’s all too much, then get in contact with me and I will guide you.

And if the thought of reading just the short one seems like a step too far then we definitely need to talk.



This flower is called Honesty.
See what I did there!?

I promise to not to lie to you!

The IT Fairy
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