Why good photography is important for your website

Do you sell a product on your website? Good then this is the blog for you!

I was looking for some paper flower bouquets to send to friend. 

So I hit Google and starting looking around.

I found lots of sites but didn’t end up buying anything, even though I had a credit card waiting.

Why was this, I hear you cry.

Two reasons.

Firstly some of the sites were really hard to use on my phone. I could throw some numbers at you about how many people use their phones and tablets to access websites but you don’t need the number. All we need to acknowledge it’s LOTS. But this is something for another day.


What I want to focus on is images. 

Good website photography is essential if you are selling a product but it seems to be an area that all too many website owners neglect.

I think part of the problem is that everyone has a camera on their photo and digital cameras aren’t that expensive. The result of this is that everyone thinks they can take a photo. And that’s true. Everyone can take a photo.

The thing is (and it’s well worth mentioning it) is that not everyone can take a good photo. I’m talking about a photo that really makes your product leap off the page and make me want to buy it there and then. A photo that makes your product look like it’s worth a million even it if only costs £30. A photo that makes me think that you cared so much to make sure that the photo looks good that I know you’ll care about my order.

But what did is I see  – and these observations apply to all sorts of website, not just the paper flower people


  • Poor lighting and too many shadows
  • Bad composition (please please think about what is the important part of the photo)
  • Distractions – messy backgrounds and unnecessary objects in the photo distracting from what should have been the main focus
  • Out of focus photos
  • Photos that were clearly stock photos (don’t tell me your product is unique when I’ve seen the photo elsewhere. Unless you were the original website in which case I’m sorry that some lazy so-and-so has stolen your photo)

So what’s the solution?

You can either

  1. Learn how to take decent photos. There are loads of blogs from good photographers and photography magazines that will help you get the basics right and also give you tips for making your photos really shine.


  2. Hire a professional photographer. Yes it will cost you some money, but do you want your product to look cheap? If your product looks good people are far more likely to buy it. Think about me sat on my sofa on Saturday, keen to find something to buy.

PS You’ll notice I haven’t recommended any particular photographer. I do know some really good ones and if you are serious about hiring one contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction. Bu the point of this article wasn’t to recommend a photographer to you,  it was to recommend good photography to you

 PPS The same rules apply if you have a picture of yourself on your website. Tell me, do you look your best?

The IT Fairy
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  1. Gina Lorenzen 5 November , 2014 at 7:54 pm #

    Hear! Hear! Thanks you for stating the obvious!

    • The IT Fairy 10 November , 2014 at 12:43 pm #

      Thank you Gina. You’re right – it’s so obvious. Why so many businesses get their website photography so wrong is a mystery!

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