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Have I Got News For You? Or the Power of a Newsletter

What do you think of newsletters? Do you like receiving them? Do you like writing them? Are they worth the time?

I love a good newsletter but hate the bad ones.

The bad ones fall into two categories

  • The ones I didn’t sign up for. Just because we met at a networking events does not mean I want to hear from you, especially if your newsletter falls into the next category. If you sign me up and I’m not happy about it, I will unsubscribe. Mailing services such as Mailchimp and Aweber will often ask why you are unsubscribing, one of the options being “I never signed up for this”
    Get too many of these, and the powers that be may suspend you account with them. I don’t think you want that!
  • The second type is the “Buy this” and “We’re so wonderful” newsletters.
    I hate newsletters that are just trying to sell to me, and blatantly so.  Yes, the point of the newsletters is ultimately to sell, but there’s the right way and then there’s the WRONG way. You know the type. You might have even sent them. Just stop!

Good newsletters, well they are a different thing all together. They should tell me something I didn’t know, or remind me of something. THEY SHOULD BE INTERESTING. The should make me love you and your company just a little bit more.

Let me tell you the story of someone who gets it right.

Last week I was working with a client and one of the things we did was finish off a newsletter that she had written but needed assistance with making it look right. Everything was done and we hit the magic send button.

Within 3 minutes, she had a email back from someone saying “Thanks for the newsletter, it reminded me I need to book up for next week”

Pretty good going!

What makes her newsletter work? Why do people open them and read them and then take action?

She writes from the heart, with passion about business. She tells you what she’s been doing, not in a showing off way. She includes tips, so you don’t even need to contact her to improve. And photos. Really interesting photos that make things come alive. And it’s not surprising that she has such a high open rate as she only puts people on her list with their permission or they sign up on her website.

So this week, I have a task for you. If you get newsletters and don’t read them. Ask yourself why. And then whatever they are doing that annoys you make sure you aren’t doing it either. And then read one of your own newsletters and be really critical. Ask yourself if it’s something you’d like to receive yourself.

PS In answer to the question as to whether there’s a magic time to send a newsletter, the answer is NO.

Think about it, if we all sent our newsletters at the same magic time, would we read them all. There might be a magic time for your newsletters but that could be different from mine. You need to look at when people are opening your newsletters and see if there’s a pattern.

Now find some news and write an interesting newsletter.

The IT Fairy
Clare is better known as the IT Fairy because the way she can make complicated things easy is simply magic.
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