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How to verify your Facebook page. Get your posts seen

Did you know you can verify your Facebook page?

And did you know that verifying your Facebook page helps to get your posts in front more people?

Sounds like a good thing to do and it’s not that difficult at all!

How to verify your Facebook page

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to your business page
  2. Click on Settings (top right)

    The settings button. Step one in getting your facebook page verified

    Click the settings button

  3. Check to see if you have already verified your page. Click on Edit if it says it has not been verified
    checking if your page is verifed

    Helpfully Facebook tells you if you page is or isn’t verified!


  4.  To begin the verify process click on
    the verifying process

    Do what Facebook tells you!


  5. There are two ways to verify your Facebook page. The easiest is to get Facebook to call you on the phone number you have previously set as your number
    facebook will call you

    Facebook wants to call you


  6.  Answer your phone and enter the four digit code
  7. Follow the rest of the instructions and you’ll have your page verified in no time at all
  8. If you want to verify your page with documents, then click on that option and follow the instructions to upload official paperwork. It takes a bit longer than the phone method but it may suit you better.

Thanks to Liz Leatherdale from Colchester Classics for letting me use screenshots from her Facebook Page

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