Learn to Love Your Laptop! IT Tuition Tailored For You

You spend hours on your computer and I bet there are times when you think “There must be a better way of doing this”

Well you are probably right!

Write a list of the five things that you want to be able to do better and faster on your computer. (And I’m not a dragon, so if it’s more or less than five I won’t bite your head off!)

Now try and find a course that addresses your issues? Tricky isn’t it! There’s no point in wasting more of you valuable time on a course that only solves one of those problems. The best tuition is tailored tuition

And that’s why you need The IT Fairy.

Tell me what you need to do better and I will make a course for you. I will come to your office and give you the training and the tips you need to make IT work for you. While I’m with you, I will probably spot a few other ways to for you to get the most out of technology and when I leave you’ll ask yourself “Why didn’t I do this before?”

So if you want to spend less time pulling your hair out and cursing your PC, then get in touch for an IT course tailored to your needs and your abilities.

Tame and organised your email, work wonders with Word, excel with Excel, be more powerful with Powerpoint – Call The IT Fairy!