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Mailchimp Opt-In settings – Check yours now.

Did you read the email from Mailchimp about the changes to its Opt-In settings?

I have to admit that I initially missed this all important email from Mailchimp; good job I went back through all the newsletters from them and read how things are going to change.

Instead of having a default of double opt-in, MailChimp has decided to switch to single opt-in for all accounts.

So from 1 November 2017, MailChimp won’t send a verification email (called double opt-in) to your new contacts anymore, unless you login and tell it to. I’m actually a little annoyed about this. I’d be less annoyed if it was just for new lists and/or accounts. But this change impacts on all users.

It’s not difficult to re-enable it; it really is the work of minutes

This verification email (called double opt-in) can be turned back in a few simple steps.

To set the opt-in preferences for your lists, log into MailChimp and navigate into your settings.

Why do you need double opt-in?

  • It’s necessary in the EU as proof of consent; Brexit isn’t a reason for UK businesses not to do it.
  • In Canada and Australia, for example, email marketers must collect permission from the owner of an email address before sending any communication.
  • Even if your business is located somewhere where single opt-in is permitted, if the person lives somewhere where double-opt in is required then you can’t use single for them!

The simplest way to make sure you don’t fall foul of local laws is to use double-opt in for everyone. Again, I’m surprised that Mailchimp have made this change. They have a global reach and you’d hope they think about the international implications on their customers.

You can read their own blog about  it here – scroll down to the bit with the headline “Choose your opt-in method

Update from Mailchimp

If you’re located in the EU, then Mailchimp has now realised that we need double opt-in!

“…we’ve made an important change for MailChimp users located in the European Union: If your primary contact address is in the EU, your existing forms will remain double opt-in.”


Read more here


PS I still say it should be double opt-in for everyone. What do you think.

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