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Nothing says you don’t care about your business than…. And if I don't think you care about your business, how do I know you'll care about mine?

So there are lots of things that SCREAM you don’t care about your business. You probably have your own list of things that make your toes curl and set alarm bells ringing.

One of my personal bugbears is to do with email. And no it’s not unsolicited emails (though that does annoy me and I covered that here in “Don’t Add Me To Your Mailing List“)

No the thing that I want to talk to you about today is looking at business card and it’s got a Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo email address.

chalk board

No nails please!

It’s like finger nails being scraped on a blackboard.  It really pains me. And here’s why.

So you’ve paid out money for a phone – I can see the number on your business card.

You’ve got a logo and it looks good

You’ve got a website – I can see the address on the same business card

And you may even have got on social media and put those details on your business card.

You’ve come so far and yet…….

Why oh why haven’t you set up a “proper” email address.  Tell me, which looks better, more professional? or

If you are going to be sending business email then you need to have a business email.

Using Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo etc just says you didn’t care enough.  I know that some webhosting companies might charge a little for a proper email box, but if you are prepared to invest in your business, then why should I spend my money with you? Get professional. PLEASE

What’s on your list of things that makes you scream “do you really care about your business?” Am I the only one who hates non-business emails in the business world? Is there ever a time when it’s ok? Actually, there’s a window cleaner I know who has a hotmail address on his van. And that doesn’t actually bother me.

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