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Twitter – Yes it can bring you new clients

I recently wrote about how I used Twitter to find travel insurance to illustrate how businesses can use twitter to find new clients. But still people tell me that twitter doesn’t bring them any new clients.  Well let me see if giving you another example of how one business used Twitter to promote their business […]

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Social Media – Good for Business!

Businesses often say that there is no value in social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube etc, that it doesn’t bring them any benefit or income and it’s just a waste of time. I disagree and I will show why with a real life example. I was looking for travel insurance. It’s somewhat […]

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Facebook is dead!

Well that’s the impression some media commentators have given with the announcement of Google+ But really? Can you see that happening? Can you see Facebook giving up its dominant position without a fight? I don’t think so! Let’s look at the facts. Facebook is so widely known and used that the word Facebook is now […]

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