Upgrading Pains

This is just a very short note to say, that even I, The IT Fairy, sometimes feel the pain of an upgrade.

Some of you may find it hard to believe but it’s true.

I’ve just (finally) updated the version of Office I use. (I won’t say how old my previous version was!)

And I’m not a happy bunny. But it’s for the silliest of reasons.

I don’t like the colour schemes.

Office 365 comes with four themes and they’re not particular inspiring.

There’s one called Colorful, which basically means that each program is themed a different colour. Outlook is blue, One Note is purple, Excel is green. And as far as I can see from a quick Google, there’s no way to set your own colours. If you know of a way, let me know. PLEASE!

The other themes are called Dark Grey, Black and finally White.  I’m pretty sure you can guess what they look like!

There are some options for what is called “Office Background” but that’s just a tiny thing at the top of the screen. Below is a screenshot of the top right of OneNote using the White theme and the Clouds background

White with clouds background

Exciting styling…..

But it’s okay. I’ll adjust. And this time next week, I’ll be all excited about things I’ve discovered.

So when you say you find it hard to get to grips with IT issues, I get it. I really do. Change is hard and new can be scary.  Just take a deep breath and it will be fine. And if it’s not then call me. I will come and hold your hand and teach you what you need to know.

The IT Fairy
Clare is better known as the IT Fairy because the way she can make complicated things easy is simply magic.
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