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Do the website bootcamp! (No sweat needed)

Websites are like gardens – if you just leave them alone once you’ve planted them, they won’t flourish and grow. Weeds will take over and the dream you had will evaporate. Instead you need to prune, water, and feed your garden. A bit of TLC goes a long way

It’s crucial that you regularly review your website to make sure it is still doing what you want it to do. Over time your business may change and it is essential that your make sure your website does too.

web site bootcamp

Website boot camp.
Does your website need a bit of a work out?

Equally, you may have a website that isn’t getting the visitors you want or the delivering the enquiries and sales that are needed for your business to grow.

But when you’ve already invested a lot of time in your website, it can be difficult to be objective about it. What you need is a fresh pair of unbiased eyes.

That is where I come it!

I will put your website through my tailor-made boot camp. My boot camp works like this.

First of all you fill in a brief questionnaire/health check for your site. That will tell me where you are and where you want to go and what you think are the problems.

I will then assess your site, paying attention to the areas you have concerns about but also looking at things you may not have considered. I will look at your home page, your contact page and a selection of other agreed pages in detail and also look at the site as a whole

Next, if appropriate,  I put your site in front of potential clients (based on what you told me in the questionnaire) and ask them for their opinion. They don’t know you and so will be totally honest.

Finally I put your site through a variety of technical tests to assess its fitness in those areas.

And at the end of these stages, you get a report in plain English of changes you or your web designer can make to improve your website. (Yes you can use me to make the changes but it’s completely up to you)

Price: From £150 for home page, contact page and 3 pages of your choice. Prices for additional pages on request.

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