Web Hosting

Whatever your needs, I have a hosting plan to suit your business or organisation. Choose from my standard packages below or contact me for a no-obligation quotation if you don’t see what you require.

NB – I only provide hosting for businesses and other legal entities. If you are a consumer looking for web hosting for a personal website, I can direct you to other suppliers

Compare Hosting Plans

  Bronze Silver Gold Domain Only
Disc Space 100MB 200MB 500MB Forwarding*
Monthly Data Transfer 1000MB 2000MB 5000MB  –
Mailboxes 10 20 50 50*
Subdomains 10 20 50 10*
MySQL Databases 1 2 5  –
Pre-installed Software ** ** **  –
Additional Services  –  –  –  –
Price with Domain  –  –  – Free
Price for 12 Months  £35.00 £65.00 £95.00  –

* Forward visitors to your existing webspace (e.g. at your ISP), and email to your existing email account (e.g. at your ISP, hotmail,
yahoo, etc.)

** Install popular web applications automatically using our web control panel. See “Standard Features” for more details.


Standard Features

All of my hosting plans come with the following features as standard:


Site Management Features

Feature Description
Cpanel Hosting Control Panel An easy way to manage all aspects of your account such as adding email accounts or managing your MySQL databases
FTP and SSH Access  Full FTP and SSH acccess. FTP allows for fast and easy file transfer, SSH allows you direct command line access to your webspace via shell
Web based file manager For when FTP isn’t practical, you can use the web based file manager
Instant & Scheduled backups From your comtrol panel you can either schedule a regular automatic backup for later on or creaste an instantly downloadable backup of your site. You can also restore previous backups of your site. Valuable if you are making complicated changes and something goes wrong…..
Park Additionl Domain names You can have unlimited domain names parked on your main website. Very useful if you want to have,, etc all pointing to your main site
PHPMyAdmin MySql Management PHPMyAdmin is a powerful web-based interface for managing MySQL databases.
Scheduled Tasks / Cronjobs If you have a script or task on your website or application that needs to run at a certain time each day or week, we allow you to use Cronjons to do this.
Password Protection Tool Your control panel lets you password protect directories on your website so you can restrict who is allowed to access these areas
SSL Secure Server Space I provide your website with free secure server access which is accessible viahttps://server/ Or you may also add your own branded SSL certificate to allow secure access via


Email Features

Feature Description
Web Based Email Access Even if you are away from your own PC, you can still access your email
POP3 and IMAP Access This allows you to choose any popular email program such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Eudora to access your email
SMPT access You can use our SMPT server to send mail from your hosting account. SMPT access is also provided on alternative port 26 for users who may have ISPs blocking port 25
Spam & Virus Filtering Dedicated spam filtering servers with definitions updated by human spam experts every 5 minutes keep spam and virus email to a minimum
Auto Responders / Out of Office / Vacation Reply These allow you to set up a pre-written supply which will instantly be sent to anyone emailing a set email address.
Mailing Lists “Mailman” mailing list software is pre-installed on your hosting account to allow you to easily maintain a mailing list. You can also install most other popular mailing list software
Procmail Advanced users can use Procmail to manipulate, sort and filter incoming email bsed on rules that you create.


E-Commerce Ready

Feature Description
Easy Install – Free osCommerce Storefront osCommerce is a very popular e-commerce store front software. You can install it easily to your webspace and quickly setup an online store
PHP E-commerce Software Compatible Most e-commerce software writting in PHP and MySQL is compatible with my hosting accounts. Please contact me if you would like to check if specific piece of software will work with my hosting.
SSL Secure Server Space I provide your website with free secure server access which is accessible viahttps://server/ Or you may also add your own branded SSL certificate to allow secure access via
Suppoer all major payment gateways My hosting service supports all major payment gateways. You will be able to use Protx, HSBC, 2checkout, Paypal and many others to accept secure payments from websites hosted with me.


Scripting and Development Features

Feature Description
Softaculous Script Auto Installer Softaculous is a feature inside your control panel which lets you install popular software with a click of a button. It includes blogs, forums, e-commerce and over 160 popular scripts! All at no extra price. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal….plus many many more – tell me what you want to install and I’ll tell you if there’s a One Click Installer
MySQL Databases MySQL databases are easily created, managed and deleted from your control panel.
PHP5 I provide the latest PHP5 and run your own secure install of PHP, meaning you have full access to php.ini to make any necessary changes. This installation is far more secure than other traditional shared hosting.
Perl 5  Perl 5 is provided for your site. We run your won secure instal of Perl and a large amount of modules. Additional perls modules can be installed upon request
CGI CGI is provided for your site, with its own cgi-bin for running your scripts securely.
SSI Server Side Includes(SSI) are fully supported and allow you to place includes in your webpage templates which are processed by the server when someone views your website.
Pear  Pere is compiled with PHP and allows you to use a large number of pre-written Pear modules and tools for your website developement
Webdav or MS Frontpage  WebDav or MS Frontpage extentsion are supported to publish your site to our servers
Apache mod_rewrite  Mod_rewrite is pre-installed to your website to let you “re-write” URLs on-the-fly. This is handy for move and manipulating paes for tasks such as SEO
.htaccess  .htaccess is supported – you can use this more many task such as custome error docs, blocking users and IPs, redirects, MIME Types, preventing hotlinking and more
MIME Types MIME types are used to identify the tyeps of information that a file on your hosting contains. Standard MIME types include .html, .php buit you can add custom MIME types as required
Custom Error Pages  You can create custom Error pages to replace the default ones.

Other Features


AWStats -Website Visitor Statistics AWStats is a powerful website statistics program which gives you simple graphical and statistical information about the visitors to uour site and their habits
Raw Log File Access  Raw Log files can be viewed online or downloaded including error_log and access_log containing script debug information and information on site visitors
Streaming Audio and Video  Upload Audio and Video files to your website and allow visitors to view, listen or download multimedia files.
Flash and Macromedia  Your website supports Flash and Macromedia designed sites
Access to 4xDaily offsite backup  The backup system take backups 4 times a day of all your data to a remote location – how’s that for peace of mind!?
One Click Instant Backups  Your control panel lets you download and instant backup of your account in a compressed tar.gz file. You can restore this to your webspace at any time