What’s So Special About You? Part 2 of Get Your Website Loved

What’s so special about you?

This is a fundamental question that you need to answer and your web designer (if you’re not doing this all by yourself) needs to understand. And if your web designer isn’t taking the time to find out what’s so special about you then walk away. In fact RUN. If they don’t bother to find this out, then how can they make you a website that shines and shows off what you do?!

It’s also a really important business question. So you bake cakes, do accounts, cut hair, organise events, sell jewellery, run a cafe, etc. So do lots of other people.

What makes the way you do it different and better from the competition?

Never forget you have competition. Unless you have a really niche product/service then there will someone out there doing something extremely similar.

“But I’m better than them” I hear some of your cry. Then focus on that – that will help to tell you why you are special.

It can be tricky to answer this. So ask someone else. The best people to ask are your existing customers. Ask them why they buy from you. If you’re just starting up, what’s inspired you to do this. If you are still struggling to answer this then don’t give up. Consider booking a session with a business coach. (I’d recommend Mandie Holgate as I know she gets results fast!)


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