Why I’m supporting Cassie’s Law

Cassie was a teenage student  on her way to college when a car mounted the pavement and killed her. This happened in Colchester, Essex ,a town that has been home to me ever since I moved here to go to university many many year ago. The accident was reported on local radio the morning it happened and when you see on TV a car driving on a pavement that you yourself have walked along with your own children a cold shiver runs through you. A report of the accident can be read here

On the day of the accident it was thought that the driver has been taken ill.

It was later revealed that a few days before the accident, he had been stopped by the police after crashing into some trees and had failed  a roadside eye test. Police were powerless to ban him from the roads immediately andd even though they tried to perusade him to give up his licence he refused. Read more about it here

Quite simply, if the police had had the power to temporarily suspend his licence, Cassie would be alive today.

Essex police are supporting Cassie’s mum in her campaign for a change in the law and you can too by signing the e-petition
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