has windows 10 been downloaded?

Windows 10 – have you go it yet? No? It might be on you computer already!

I haven’t got Windows 10 yet.

I’ll repeat that in case you didn’t get it the first time. I don’t have Windows 10 yet. I’m still using Windows 7. And that surprises many people as they know how much I love my tech. But it’s precisely because I love my tech that I haven’t. When it comes to technology, it seldom pays to be an early adopter. It never works first time and you can save yourself a lot of time and heart ache if you let it have a good shake down. I’ve already seen numerous people have issues getting their email to work after upgrading to Win 10 and in some cases, they couldn’t even connect to the internet. I don’t want to spend my time working out which settings I need to tweak. Fair enough if you are buying a brand new computer with it already on – that will have everything set up to be 100% compatible and it will work straight out of the box.

So if you are like me and haven’t clicked on that blue box that keeps popping up prompting you to get your copy of Window 10, you might be a bit surprised to discover it already on your computer. And if broadband contract has a limit on the amount of bandwidth you can use, you’d probably be a bit annoyed if some of it has been taken up with something you didn’t want. And it will also take up a fair chunk of disc space  (3.5 to 6 GB). Not very good is it!

So how can you find out if Windows 10 is on your computer already?

You need to look for a folder called “$Windows.~BT.”


It will have found its way onto you computer because you have signed up to automatic updates. Which is normally a very good thing as it means that each time Microsoft has issued an update, you will have got and it will have kept your computer safe from whatever failing it had discovered.

So what can you do about this sneaky Windows 10 download?

Well if it’s there already, you can’t just delete it. If you, next time updates are run, it will start downloading it all over again! *sigh* But if you are really certain you don’t want it, then there is a guide here about what to do. Read it carefully and think long and hard before you do anything. And you know the importance of backing up your data don’t you.

If you haven’t got it already and don’t want it yet, then what can you do.

You can turn off automatic updates – see here Turning off automatic updates -but then you might miss something important.

Or there’s this guide that covers pretty much everything. How to prevent Windows 10 upgrade files from downloading automatically on your PC


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