About The IT Fairy

Who is The IT Fairy?

The IT Fairy is a magical creature who will wave her magic wand and banish your IT woes…

Oh you were looking for a bit more than that!

My name is Clare Lauwerys and I’m known for developing websites for SME’s, start-ups and charitable organisations.

Why The IT Fairy?

Simply because so many of my clients phone me and say “Clare I need some of your magic”

One of my favourite clients phoned me one day and I said “Clare I need to do X…..I’ve been looking all morning online and I’ve found this thing and that thing that look like they will do it but I don’t want to download it in case it does something nasty to my laptop”. I was able to tell my clients in 2 minutes how they could do what they wanted to do with software they already had on their computer, saving them the stress and worry. And if they’d phoned me earlier I would have saved them time too.

When teaching another client how to update her website, we strayed on the topics of managing emails and remembering passwords. My solutions were quick to explain, easy to understand and in her words “Worth the cost of the website” and “Why has no-one told me this before”

“Why has no-one told me this before” is something many many people ask me when I show them quick and easy ways to make technology work better for them.

I don’t know why this is – I suspect a lot of techie people like the god-like status of knowing things lesser mortals don’t!

Not me, that’s why I’m The IT Fairy, not The IT Goddess. I like to share my knowledge.

So when you need some IT magic, call The IT Fairy. I will come to you with a program that deals with your IT problems but as I’m such a nice IT Fairy I’ll probably pass on some extra tips that you didn’t know you need to know, but once you know them you’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll save, leaving you to get on making money for your business.

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