Social Media Made Easy

Social Media can be a bit of a maze. Do you need a guide?

Social Media isn’t difficult but it can be confusing when you first start.

Should you start with Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn? What about Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest? Should I blog? Do I need Tiktok?
Should you be hiring someone to do it all for you as it’s just too tricky and clearly needs an expert?


You should do some. But probably not all of them. You need to pick the ones that will work best for you and your business.

It’s not tricky and you can do it yourself. If time is an issue, then there are tools to streamline the process.

It seems everywhere you go these days there is someone waving the “Social Media Expert” flag.
But are they experts and do you need one?

I’ve come across PR companies that say they will manage all your social media needs and yet I can’t find them on Twitter!

I’ve seen some campaigns managed by “experts” and all they are is a hard sell – social media isn’t about a hard sell, it’s about connecting with people and establishing a dialogue and rapport. Imagine you’re at a party and someone came up to you and said “Hi my name’s Jo and I make hammers. Want to buy a hammer?” Unless you were in desperate need of a hammer, you’d walk away pretty quickly. Yet this is what many people seem to think is acceptable and good behaviour on Twitter etc

I also think many of these experts are preying on the fear that the internet can be a big scary place and it’s all very difficult and that you have to be an IT genius to do social media.

This is what I say

Yes the internet is big but you can reach it all from the comfort of your own chair and that’s one to the things that’s great about it.
Social media is about talking – you don’t need to be a linguistics expert to talk to the people around you and you don’t need to be an IT genius to do social media.

No, it’s no difficult but you do need to take baby steps sometimes and sometimes a helpful hand can be useful.

This is where I come in

I create courses that are tailor made to your needs. I understand that every business is different and what works for one may not work for another.
So pick up the phone or contact me and I’ll help you discover how to use social media. And I promise it will be fun!

kid, soap bubbles, girl-1241817.jpg
I can’t promise to make it this much fun, but it will be close!
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