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Why I don’t Like Like Ladders

Like Ladders, free for all Fridays etc pop up in lots of business groups on Facebook. And I don’t like them!

I suppose I should quickly explain what a Like Ladder etc is. Briefly, the admin of a group on Facebook will announce on the group’s Facebook page that they are running a like ladder at a certain time. Everyone in the group is then encouraged to add a comment to the ladder and include a link to their Facebook business page. You are the suppose to go down the ladder and follow the links and like their business page.

Now on the face of it, it seems a great way of getting likes and that’s great for you ego – it’s nice to be liked!

But is it actually good for your business? 

If the people who like your page are actual potential customers and engage and interact with your page then it’s brilliant.

But if people are just liking you because you are on the ladder and then never have anything else to do with your business page then it could actually damage your presence on Facebook! 

This is because when people like your page but never return to your page and ignore your posts then your engagement level is reduced. And a reduction in your engagement level affects your ranking in the Newsfeed 

Conversely the page that the like ladder was on does really well as everyone posts there and so their engagement level goes up and their ranking in the Newsfeed is really boosted. They are certainly winners…. you, probably not so much!

The reduction in engagement may explain why some businesses are saying “I’ve got thousands and thousands of likes on my page but only a few people saw my last post.” They’ve got the wrong people liking them! 

Facebook has a formula that it uses to select and rank the content that shows up in the News Feed.  It’s a complicated formula and they aren’t going to tell anyone exactly how it works. But one thing they do say is this

“…. if we show an update to 100 users, but only a couple of them interact with it, we may not show it in your News Feed. But if a lot of people are interacting with it, we might decide to show it to you, too.”

So now you know that, do you want a thousand likes who never interact with you or 100 likes from people who hang on your every word and comment and share your posts?

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